Ram Kumar

Listener, Learner, Entrepreneur, CTO  |  Making things simple | Sarvasv.in

+91 95606 DELHI, ram @ sarvasv.in

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Built SaaS, PaaS, AR, ML

At the helm of these SaaS (AR and ML pilots coming up) solutions, I have been playing multiple roles as needed. Architect, Designer, Database administrator, DevOps, IT Technician, Customer happiness concierge, Trainer and almost anything that needs my attention to keep things going.

Each day inspires me further to not just experience the thrills of serving customers through these solutions but to earn smiles from them.

Your success is my success!

Futuristic technology cloud for your business


Futuristic B2B SaaS cloud for repair & service MSME business

Powerful, easy & affordable billing for small business, consultants and professionals.

Go Digital.

Fun, fast & super easy!
Send digital invoices, accept online payments.

Get the power of features like ERP + CRM + MIS + GST + SMS + Stock + Reports + Online Digital payments + Analytics and a lot more.

Grow your repair & maintenance business.

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I believe

The purpose of life is not to arrive at the grave in a well preserved body, but to slide across the finish line broadside, thoroughly used up, worn out, leaking oil and shouting "Eee-haw! What a ride!"

Professional Journey

Learnt, practiced and demonstrated expertise

Agile, DRY, Lean, ATDD, BDD, Cloud computing, mind mapping, any kind of database (RDBMS, Object, Document, Key/Value, Graph or anything else), Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, payment gateways, APIs, deployment automation, development automation, testing automation, delivery automation, continuous integration, hot deployments, highly-available services/servers/solutions/platforms, user experiences, geospatial data, telemetry, IoT, machine learning, artificial intelligent systems, security of apps/servers/data, HIPPA compliance along with other industry standard compliances, cutting-edge technologies.

Proactively adapt to change, pivot soon enough, fail often.

Never give up!

Career highlights

CTO, Architect

hands-on experience in software and product development


Mentor, Lead by example

Experience & accomplishments


Consulting, Methodologies, Practices

Cloud services, Integrations

User experience


IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Domain specific designs & implementations




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